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Frampol: Polish Guernica

Our film is an attempt to answer many questions that surround the bombing of Frampol in September 1939. The Luftwaffe bombers raided a quiet town with no military significance and annihilated it in a matter of hours. The brutal attack is sometimes compared to the attack of the Basque town of Guernica y Luno that came 2 years earlier and which was the first testing ground for the German air force. Both events are linked to Major-General Freiherr von Richthofen - the commander of a separate air group. It was his planes that bombed Frampol and Guernica.

Our film will allow witnesses of the tragic events to share their memories of that September afternoon. We will present German documents, pilots' letters and notes of their commanders, we will show the surviving fragments of films and will listen to Polish and German historians. We will also consider why so little was said about the Frampol tragedy after the war. That Nazi’s raid on a defenseless town is one of the events in war history that cannot be forgotten. That's why this film is made.

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